6, 15, 36, 38, 39 ^^
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6: Age you get mistaken for - 12 to 14 y.o ugh

15: Favourite movie - can’t decide??? probably all of harry potter

36: Where I would like to live - k0rea duH switzerland

38: My childhood career choice - to run a cafe idek why

39: Favourite ice-cream flavour - vanilla or cookies & cream

hello~ ^^ 0, and 19.


0: Height - i’m 158cm tall ok ;A;

19: A fact about your personality - i am stubborn, very

1 & 2
asked by chibizinha

1. a song that makes me happy. shinee’s a-yo! it’s a really cute song with cute lyrics

2. a song that makes me sad. haru haru by big bang bc everytime i listen to it omg the mv and the feeeels

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我,快乐 , thanks ^__^ 我愛你
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我 - 5 facts about yourself.

i probably have the laziest ass around, i’m biased about many things even when i’m not supposed to be, vertically inclined, i like drinking tea and banana milkshakes. hee

快乐 - A time when you were happy.

i felt really happy and grateful when i got an A for my major chinese paper sobs i shed tears of joy

我也爱你! ;3;

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thank you so much ;A;

↕ How many blogs do you follow?
asked by Anonymous

answered already, 107 blogs ^^

thanks for asking, anon!

⇨ - How many posts do you have? & ↕ - How many blogs do you follow? :D

⇨ - How many posts do you have?


 ↕ - How many blogs do you follow? :D

107 blogs ke

I don’t want much for Christmas, I just want the person reading this to remain in my life forever. Send this to the people you don’t want to lose. Tell 15 people you love, ♥ AAA SARANGHAEYOOO ^^
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i’m sorry and thank you so much ;A;

I'm excited too~ Just one more week until Christmas c: i can't wait unti lthe week is over ;; this week is the last week before my winter break ^^
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wow it must be really nice to see snow edpecially during christmas? how long is winter break? :)

ahh arasso~ ouo I'm a die-hard Taemint ;u; what's your timezone? :O oh, I see. Well, my reply is probably late but I hope you had a good day ^^ just a few more days until Christmas! Are you excited? n.n -Secret Santa
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it’s about 10 in the morning here right now? yes i’m excited since i’ll be getting presents!! how about you?

knock knock!!this is your secret santa!!! how was your week end?
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my weekend flew past quickly since I was just lazing around all day~ how was yours?

I can't wait to reveal myself xD I love making new friends~ Who's your bias? What's your name? I want to reveal my name but you might see my own reply in the shineesanta tag xD How was your day? ^^
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keke on christmas i’ll tell you my name when you tell me yours!! my bias is key who’s yours?

well only half the day passed so i’m not sure yet~

how many outlets do your have in your room??
asked by lushithan


lmao you really messaged me omg i’m thankful but wait i’m not too sure of what the ‘outlet’ meant


hi there~ It's your shineesanta~ c:
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omg hello!!!!